Allied Health Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people of all ages gain or regain their confidence and independence in everyday life.

They can assist in making everyday activities easier such as self-care, home maintenance, driving, budgeting, shopping, mobility, education, social participation, leisure and play, employment and volunteer activities.

Occupational therapists may recommend technological and environmental modifications such as aids and equipment, vehicle modifications, home modifications and organising respite care.

OTs play an important role in the disability sector, as they often help in injury rehabilitation, progressive conditions and other disabilities that affect a person’s role in daily life.

OTs can help people with brain or spinal injuries relearn activities or determine new ways of accomplishing them. They can also help children with autism regulate their behaviour, can help develop low muscle tone, improve concentration for learning and help children become aware of their bodies and spatial awareness.

Community Nursing

Specialist care for participants who have complex and or high care needs requiring a high level of skill including : Clinical Assessments, Medication Management, Wound Management, Continence Management, Diabetes Management, Post-Hospital Care, Enteral Therapy, Palliative Care, Respite, and Dementia Care.