Heightened awareness for hand hygiene and use of hand sanitizer by care staff

Just a friendly reminder, as there will be a heightened focus on this from IHA – please be reminded to wash - for at least 20 secs – your hands thoroughly - immediately you arrive at a client’s home and immediately prior to your departure from a clients home. If you have access to hand gel after the initial washing of hands and your hands aren’t visibly dirty you can use the hand gel until you are set to leave the home then you must wash your hands.

For those care workers providing companion transport can you make sure you have access to hand gel in your cars and use it before and after picking up any clients.

Other PPE equipment like gloves for cleaning and food grade gloves when handling food are still to be worn with care workers requiring to wash hands prior to and immediately after taking off any gloves.

Please buy the required PPEs from nearest chemist and email your receipt to accounts@inhomeassistance.com.au for reimbursement.

Should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me on 03 8672 7889

Keep up the good and quality work!